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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  June 29, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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and lows versus what we have climate logically had the last 30 years. that is huge. and you know it. you have experienced the heat, as well. a front is coming through. had strong thunderstorms yesterday. see the action as it pushed through. the showers and storms packed a punch at times yesterday when we were looking at the action yesterday coming through in the afternoon and evening hours. some of this was strong to severe. temperatures 81 here and 60s in ohio and pennsylvania. that cool down is coming but it will come tomorrow. today, still in the low 90s. could be record-breaking 18th time this month. kris? we will start in virginia. traffic is looking good here dale boulevard to the micking bowl. no problems. from the mixing bowl up to 395 a live shot here at duke street. a clear commute to the 14th street bridge. i want to warn you already some speed bumps on 395 right now they are trying to fix so watch for those. inner and outer loop in virginia, that earlier construction has cleared. you are not seeing any problem
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between the american legion and the wilson bridge there. from 270, 121 to the split, everyone is up to speed and outer loop in maryland no problems. early construction has cleared. everything is all wide open. >> thank you. ten people are in custody accused of being spies for the russian government. three of the accused lived in arlington, virginia. kristin fisher is live outside hoff the apartment where residents are stunned at the arrest of a young couple. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, andrea. on sunday, a young couple, in fact, parents of two small children, were arrested by the fbi at this arlington apartment complex. the justice department says they are accused of carrying out -- and this is how the justice department is characterizing it. they say it is a long-term deep cover assignment in the united states on behalf of the russian government it is something straight out of a cold war spy
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movie. a top secret multiyear investigation, cultivating with the arrest of ten spies living in new york, new jersey, massachusetts and virginia. it is unclear how successful the alleged agents have been in this country but the fbi say that's were spying on a wide range of sunts including nuclear weapons, u.s. positions on arms control, iran and leadership turnover at the cia and congress. the investigation reached a climax on saturday when an under cover fbi agent, posing as an agent of the russian government met with one of the virginia suspects in downtown dc. neighbors of that suspect say they are stunned. >> i was surprised to hear they were arrested. not expect to find out about your neighbor. >> it is a nice, quiet condoleezza rice place to live and don't expect russian spies to be living above. >> reporter: keep in mind,
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these arrests come -- president obama said that it had helped to reset the u.s. russia relationship. it is unclear at this point in time how these arrests will affect the relationship. the investigation is continues with that 11th suspect still at large. we will have more at 5:30. today supreme court nominee elena kagan will face tough questioning from senate republicans. her senate confirmation hearings opened yesterday. the nominee told members of the judiciary committee will listen with an open mind to render impartial justice. while democrats support obama's pick, republicans are questioning whether she has enough experience. elena kagan has never searched as a judge. the supreme court ruled in favor of gun rights them high court struck down a ban in chicago which resembled the dc
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court ban the court nullified a few years ago but that only applied to the district. police in fairfax county are looking for a killer after an didn't scene turned out to be something more sinister. police found the body of vanessa pham in her mother's car on saturday afternoon. the car crashed in to woods in arlington boulevard and williams drive. now police say someone murdered the girl. thousands of metro riders endured a chaotic commute during one of the rush hours affected by the fare hike. a man jumped on the tracks near the groves nor red line. passengers say there wasn't much communication for metro as they scrambled to find a way home. >> they literally told us to get off the train and no one
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actually told us to come above ground an all of a sudden the escalator stopped. >> there were a few elderly out of shape people trying to get up the escalators. >> one kid ran up and down the escalator so he could get out of there because it is stifling down there. >> reporter: a doctor at the scene offered to help the man on the tracks but metro says the policy forbids people without specialized training. the man died of his injuries. jessica doyle has a preview of the day ahead on wall street. investors would like a confidence boost today and we will have to see if they get it with the latest check of consumer confidence. it confidence. already today, we saw stocks dropping overnight with asian markets closing lower. checking wall street, the dow stands at 108138 after losing
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five points. the nasdaq was off three and the s&p was down about two points. does that bowl of kellogg's cereal taste or smell a little funny this morning in the company is recalling 1.7 million boxes because of a waxy smell and flavor coming from the package liners. corn pops, honey smacks, foot loops and apple jacks are included in the voluntary recall. if you have one of the recalled products you can request a replacement. dc is the nation's capital and it is adding another distinction. it is ranked number three on the list of best cities for the decade. they say the district is booming and is chock full of job prospects, great neighborhoods and has some of the richest counties in the region. but of course we already know it is great to live here because we are here. >> what do you have in the next half hour? >> we are looking at the cell phone bill and will try to cut it by a quarter this morning.
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>> aappreciate that. now the disaster in the gulf where the weather is causing problems. new streaks of oil are approaching grand isle, louisiana and boats had to be docked for hours because of rough seas caused by tropical storm alex. skimmers are trying to protect the inlet and one man is trying to just protect his backyard which backs up to a canal. >> nobody else is going to do it for us. we have to do it ourselves. he says he will send the bill for the cost of building that mud dike along to b.p. some cleanup projects will be going on in our area thanks to a round of thunderstorms. it started to fire around the washington area yesterday afternoon. in one falls church neighborhood, large tree limbs were snapped off and some brought down power lines. well over 10,000 people in dc metro area lost power during the storms.
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she had to an abandon her attempt to sail around the world solo. today the california california teenager who tried that feat will be talking about that effort. her story is coming up. a man on a mission tries to get his pizza diet to change they are the better. i got no pulse. we're losing him. charging. he's in v-fib. let's shock him. he drives that road all the time. we just had a few drinks. this can't be happening. are we clear? clear. we were just buzzed. just buzzed? you didn't tell us that, sir. you're right, this isn't happening. he'll be fine. yeah, i feel good. really? no. not really. announcer: buzzed driving. maybe we should stop acting like it's no big deal.
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in the news now at 9 after the hour, white house officials met with key arizona lawmakers yesterday to discuss border concerns and details of president obama's plan to station more federal troops along the mexican border. today the president is meeting with hispanic lawmakers to discuss immigration issues. rescuers say three men whose boat went over a dam in iowa. police say they were fishing when they couldn't escape the strong current. two men got to shore on their own while the other hung on for an hour until rescuers could
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pull him out. one man has been charged with boating while intoxicated. the teen sailor who had to abandoned her quest to travel solo around the world plans to hold a news conference today. she arrived in california overnight. 16-year-old abby sunderland's attempt ended on june 10th. he was rescued bay french fishing boat. some breast cancer patients may be sabotaging their recovery. the story is coming up. after damaging thunderstorms last night we are looking for a nicer forecast today, aren't we, howard? >> we are going to get it. nicer after today. i have news you haven't heard in a while weather wise when 9 news now returns.
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here's another look at the damage from monday's thunderstorms. these photos are from potomac, maryland where a tree came down between democracy lane. this is what the scene looked like 7:30 last night with a tree blocking the entire road. at one point 10,000 montgomery county residents lost power and of course we ask our viewers to always share if they have any pictures like this and this came from one of our own,
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executive producer jay. >> fairfax county, when we looked at the list, the local storm reports. most are fairfax county. you can peruse that while we do weather. we had powerful thunderstorms yesterday afternoon. packed a punch. ran in to blinding rain also. down to 30 miles an hour or so on the interstate and still could barely see. today will be another 90-degree day. but one more. that will make 18 for the month. a new record for june. give yourself a pat on the back for surviving this one. yesterday we had 8/10 of an inch of rain. three months, andrea, three months since we have had this much rain. that's how dry we have been and stop mowing the lawn. mow it high. if you have mowed short it is probably harmed and in
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dormantscy stage now. we have in for a long hot summer. today 93. hot but less humid. tomorrow, 83 and thursday also very nice. thursday a high temperature of 80 degrees. a gorgeous couple of days coming up after today's heat and humidity. this morning it is partly cloudy and warm. mid-70s to mid-80s. west winds five to 15. tonight, or this afternoon i should say, partly sunny and breezy and hot. less humid. it will feel drier as the day goes on. as the drier air moves in. low 90s with a northwest wind at 10 to 15. tonight, comfortable. some areas in the upper 50s with a north wind at 10 to 15 and might be able to turn off the ac. we have mid and high level clouds an. a couple of light sprinkles are possible in the southern suburbs this morning. otherwise it is quiet out there and the drier air is moving in. looking at the dew point. ahead of the front, 60s and 70s
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. 88. 81 in washington. locally looking at 81 in college park. 75 gaithersburg. reston and manassas, cool spots at 72 and it is 80 in andrews. 76 columbia and 73 ft. belvoir. at reagan national, 81 feeling like 83. dew point is down to 65. watch this number. it will continue to drop and our weather will continue to feel a lot better. our seven-day forecast, check it out. by thursday and friday, around 80 for highs. mid-80s on saturday and the 4th of july looks sunny and hot but not terrible. high temperature around 90. angie is off but kris sneed is in the traffic center for us. >> reporter: good morning. we are going to start in maryland right now and look at 95, bw parkway. looking cool from 32 to powder
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mill. no problems on either of those roads. the beltway in maryland, a look at university. we are seeing a little volume pickup but otherwise things are moving well between 95 and 270. the graphics, southbound gw parkway, no problems from 123 as you make your way to the 14th street bridge. 66 eastbound, we are seeing no problems out of centreville all to the way to the beltway a little volume between 234 and route 28 but not causing slow downs yet. head to the district, south capitol street and suitland parkway as you make your way though district, all of our roads and bridges are wide open. andrea? >> thank you. in the living well headlines, two new studies appear to add to the mounting evidence that a drug used to treat diabetes may be linked to serious heart risk. a food and drug administration panel will review the risks next month. they could recommend
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adistancedia be taken off the market. the maker says it does not increase the risk of heart attack, stroke or death. less than half of breast cancer patients finish prescriptions for hormone therapy. doctors say the therapy has a proven track record of reducing reoccurrence. young women were most likely to stop taking the medication. for more log on to our website at pizza is often considered a healthy meal but a cyclist is try to disprove that. it is a 1300-mile bike ride up the east coast that started in tampa, florida and will end in new york city. the catalyst behind the event is a florida pizzeria owner who set out to disprove naysayers. >> i was tired of people telling me pizza wasn't healthy so one year ago i created a
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pizza only diet and in 30 days i lowered my cholesterol 30 points. >> he losted 25-pounds and lowered his body fat. he said the key is sticking to lower options. we will tell you which team maybe interested in arenas coming up. let's see who's celebrating a birthday today --
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good morning. i'm brett haber with the wakeup
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sports the other shoe dropped on strasburg. that's what happens when you play for an imperfect team. he just didn't know it would be imperfect to the tune of one run of support in his last three starts combined. he started against the braves last night and for the first six innings he was cruising. four hits allowed. seven strikeouts included five straight at one point. never surrendered a run and the game was scoreless in the 7th inning. that's when the wheels came off the wagon. he put two on to begin the 7thinning. desmond boots that. everybody is safe. bases loaded. nobody out and all of those runners would score. this is escobar two batters later. rbi single. that knocked strasburg out of the game and he went six and a third, four runs, three earned and takes his second big league loss. >> i understand i'm not going to have lights out stuff every
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time. i'm human but i was focused on trying to go out there and overcome the obstacles and don't really know what the obstacles were but i want to go out and battle. >> well, the kid has been slightly less immortal lately. of course if you have any support none of this would matter at all. quick tennis quiz, roger has 16 grand slam titles. how many does roddick have in the answer may surprise you is one. it happened seven years ago and the drought continues. roddick was the runner up last year and got dismissed yesterday by 82nd ranked lofty want. roddick has not won since 2003. world cup yesterday, brazil rounded 16 match against their neighbors chile. brazil has five world cup
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tightals and are three away from number six. that is robino with the first goal for him. brazil wins 3-nil. that's a look at sports. i'm brett haber. have a great tuesday, everybody. a sports rumor of interest this morning, cbs sports is reporting the orlando magic are interested in a trade for wizard guard arenas. the stumbling block is howard. howard isn't sure how agent zero would fit in on his team. orlando's gm otis smith has a good relationship with arenas from their days together a golden state and the wizards would love to unload gilbert's contract. americans are getting better about saving money. that story is coming up in the next living smart segment. and today the real grilling gets underway in the confirmation hearings for elena kagan. and more on the arrests of ten people accused of spying
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for russia including three suspects in the dc area. here's kris sneed. we are taking a lie of the dulles toll road up to route 7. no issues this morning. 9 news now will return after these messages. more traffic and weather. it is 5:28 and 81 degrees outside. appreciate the easy days, are what keep me coming back for more. and the customer says, on the carpet." i'm thinking, what? gonna be difficult. don't tell me about a dog. an exploding crockpot, free-ranging house chickens. call a day's work. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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thunderstorms dumped rain across the dc area on monday and after all the heat and the rain we are about to get a weather treat. welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us this tuesday morning. kris sneed is in for angie goff. he will have the traffic for us in just a moment. howard is here and no trick. he has a treat for us in weather. >> maybe a little whipped cream and cherry on top. >> today the humidity drops down. it will be on the warm side. not upper 90s like yesterday's 97. another ron record at baltimore on 99 on monday but low 90s and then much, much nicer. i mean much, much nicer starting tonight and tomorrow.
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show you what is happening. we had big thunderstorms. i don't know about you but i was happy to be driving in a downpour. we haven't had many in the last few months. we had some yesterday. a few clouds out there, mostly cloudy and mild, 70s and even low 80s. we are 81 but see oakland at 61 degrees a sign of things to come. back above 90 today. we will set the record for number of 90-degree days in june. high temperature of 93. here's kris sneed with the morning traffic. we will start in virginia. 95 northbound. starting to see the usual morning slow down between the prince william parkway and 123 and clear to the micking bowl. the beltway in virginia okay the inarea enouter loop between the american legion and wilson bridge not seeing issues there to start the commute. 270 southbound a little pickup between route 80 and 121 and clear up to germantown road. seeing volume there and clear though the split.
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fin -- finishing route 4, 305, route 5, everything is moving well. today supreme court nominee elena kagan will get to respond to her critics. elena kagan faces hours of questioning on day two of her senate confirmation hearings. republicans on the judiciary committee voice their doubts whether the solicitor general is qualified to sit on the high court while most democrats back the president's choice. >> surprising number of things in her relative thiole thin body of work raise substantive concerns. >> the biggest criticism i have seen out there is you have never been a judge. frankly, i find this refreshing. >> i will do my best to consider every case impartially, modestly, with commitment to principal and in accordance with law. barring gaps, the democrats
5:32 am
have enough votes to confirm her as the next supreme court justice. another hearing going on today. the armed services committee will general general petraeus to take over as the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. petraeus who currently presides over the afghanistan and iraq wars is head of u.s. central command an is expected to be a shoe in. federal agents have arrested ten people on charges they were spying on the u.s. for the russian government. three of the suspects lived in arlington, virginia. that's where we find kristin fisher with more on this story. good morning. >> good morning. all ten of the suspects including the couple who lived at this arlington apartment complex appeared in federal court yesterday. they were not charged with espionage but were charged with conspiring to act as unauthorized foreign agents an charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering and they were ordered to be held without bond. for this arlington couple, who lived here at this apartment complex, that means their two
5:33 am
small children are now being held in child protective services. according to court documents the two conducted covert meetings over a series of years all over the dc area in parks, restaurants, street corners, at times blocks away from the white house. neighbors of this arlington based couple say they are shocked by their arrests but are not story they took place. >> well, they should have been arrested. i'm sorry, this is america. they should not be getting information to send back to their country to do harm to us. i'm sorry. >> reporter: now it is still unclear how successful these alleged russian secret agents were, but the fbi says they were tasked with spying on a number of sensitive subjects, including nuclear weapons, the u.s. positions on arms control, iran and leadership turnover at the cia and congress.
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so we are still early in this investigation. so it is still unclear how this will affect u.s. russian relationships and we will have more on that coming up at 6:00. at 10:00 this morning funeral services will be held at national cathedral for manute bol. the 47-year-old manute bol died on june 19th at the university of virginia hospital after suffering severe kidney problems. the he played ten seasons in the nba, four of them here in washington. manute bol is also remembered for he humanitarian work he did for his native sudan. today the judge in the robert wone murder trial is scheduled to deliver her verdict. wone is the dc attorney stabbed in 2006. three men are on trial for allegedly covering up what happened. defense attorneys argue the case was based on assumptions, speculation and innuendo. they say the three roommates just tried to help a friend who
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had been stabbed to death by an intruder. deputies in loudoun county, virginia are looking for a missing girl. hernandez lives in sterling and was last seen last night at cottonham court. she was wearing a block t-shirt with a soccer ball on it and blue capri jeans. time for another "living $mart" report and jessica doyle has a pat on the back for consumers. what did we do. >> we talk about saving money every day and turns out consumers are a little obsessed with the concept, as well. americans stocked it away in may. the person am savings rate rose to 4%, the highest in nearly a year. at the same time spending rose
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0.2%. consumers buckled down as they watched stocks tumble in the united states and problems in europe. a contract offer that was headed to ratification vote is now dead. it is seeking to move closer to a strike. if the national mediation board declares a stalemate a 30 day cooling off period will begin and then a possible strike. time for the money saving tip of the day and cutting the bill by as much as a quarter. if you work for the government, a large company or university you might be eligible for a discount on your personal phone. some carriers offer discounts as much as 25% off to employees an easy way to cut costs without down sizing and all you have to do to get the break is ask the wireless carrier. for more, check out my blog, the and just say i work for xyz and they will say here's the 25% off. >> they don't tell you these
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things. >> you have to ask. >> and the financialista will ask on your behalf. some of president obama's financial legislation could be in trouble. that story is coming up. from police officers to sheep herders, dozens of animals escape on to a highway. it is 5:37. here's kris in traffic. >> no sheep on the roads right now but we are looking at canal and fox hall. everything is okay in to the district. we will have what's in the news after the break. it is 5:37 and 81 degrees outside. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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droid can with skype mobile. one of thousands of apps that can run with other apps. from the ever-expanding android market. when there's no limit to what droid gets, there's no limit to what droid does. right now buy one droid by motorola and get a second one free. only from verizon. the death of senator byrd could cause problems with passage of president obama's wall street regulation bill. now the democratic side has just 59 votes. one shy of what is needed to stop a republican filibuster. no word on how soon joe mansion, a democrat will appoint a replace for byrd.
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an aerial view shows new streaks of oil in the waters off of grand isle, louisiana. relief boats and their crews could not venture out on oil cleanup missions because of winds from tropical storm alex. some highway patrol officers got to try their hand at herding sheep yesterday as they were on highway 4 blocking traffic. they got the sheep safely off the highway in 30 minutes before they caused any problems. our vitamin supplements a good idea for children? find out why some doctors say no. that's coming up. plus, administrators of dc's youth summer jobs program hope to work out some glitches later today. it is 5:40. here's howard. on the weather terrace it is almost comfortable out here and while it is almost comfort today will be more comfortable as we head through the second half of the week. i will have the forecast that you will love this morning.
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good morning. welcome back to 9 news now. 20,000 young people started to work the district this week as part of the mayor's summer jobs program. bruce johnson reports it may have been a good start but there were plenty of glitches. >> how important is a summer job to you? >> it's important because of the fact it is money. >> reporter: the need is great. in a city where the unemployment rate for adults can be 50% in some neighborhoods the district might be running the most ambitious youth summer jobs program in the country. >> very important. it is supposed to show you -- give you work experience. >> reporter: joe walsh runs the summer jobs program for teen and adults. >> 20,000 of those young people landed in their jobs today and are out there working right now. >> reporter: first day on the job proved to be frustrating for 800 teens and adults. >> they messed up and sent me to the wrong location and i had
5:45 am
to come back down here. >> 875, 880. >> reporter: those who were not matched up with the right assignment ended up here at gall debt university in northeast. >> they are like what's your name, my name wasn't on the roster. >> they put me in summer school and i'm not supposed to take summer school at my school. >> there was no job for you. what did you do? >> i left my mother came and picked me up. >> reporter: the most serious if not embarrassment occurred after a few workers reported to work at rfk stadium. the construction office is locating inside the stadium and three 19-year-olds assigned to the summer jobs program showed up for work for the first time. after they went through the metal detectors knives were confiscated and some staff reported their iphones were missing. the youths were terminated and there is now a police investigation. we couldn't get an official
5:46 am
comment from the program or the summer jobs office. >> next year the program is being cut from ten to six weeks because of budget con trains. right now we say good morning to howard bernstein. it will be a little better for people working outdoors today. you are going to start to feel the affects of the cold front already a little less humid and drier out there. we had big powerful storms even in anne arundel county, two to three inch diameter branches brought down, too. we had a lot of wind and much- needed rainfall. this morning i want to start in the tropics because alex is getting better organized there. i know it looks like blobs of red and orange there but we have a circulation and the upper level winds are going clockwise on top. counterclockwise at the surface and that's how we get a tropical system here.
5:47 am
this is the center of circulation there with a flare- up of thunderstorms near the center. close to a hurricane believe it or not. models are taking this more to south texas. northern mexico. yesterday we had more diverging up to houston and now just one. the majority back down here, south of the border. as we look at the official forecast from the hurricane center, winds are gusting to 85. moving 450 miles from brownsville. it is forecast to become a strong category one storm. a 100-mile an hour top winds. 11:00 on wednesday just about to come on shore wednesday midnight or so. look at that 100-mile an hour winds. that is a strong two. near brownsville, texas maybe south and the storm moves to mexico away from land. as far as our forecast the next three days another hot one, less humid. 93 today. 83 tomorrow and 80 on thursday. a nice stretch of weather. as we say good-bye to june and
5:48 am
hello to july. it is july 1st and only 80. partly cloudy and warm this morning. 74 to 86. west winds five to 15 but the humidity levels will be dropping all day. breezy and hot with highs in the low 90s. northwest winds 10 to 15. how about tonight? clear to partly cloudy, comfortable. might be able to turn off the air conditioner for the first time in a couple of weeks. north winds 10 to 15. storms yesterday leaving clouds behind this morning but not a lot of coolness yet. we are at 81. 60s, cleveland and pittsburgh and cooler air is working toward us. 81. winds are west at six. we have the drier, cooler, more pleasant air moving in. today, still hot, 93. look at the stretch of weather through friday. upper 70s to low 80s. mid 80s on saturday and the 4th of july looks hot but dry and sunny and high of 90 degrees. 5:48. kris sneed is manning the traffic center this morning.
5:49 am
good morning. the roads are looking good. right now no accidents out there which is a good thing. we have volume and some slow downs picking up. 66 eastbound, this is usually slow, especially time of the morning. but we are starting to see it pick up. moving over to inbound new york avenue. we are seeing that slow down from the times building to bladensburg. clear in to the third street tunnel. no other problems throughout the district right now. going to the outer loop in maryland. here is new hampshire avenue. everything is moving well. slow down once you get to colesville to georgia and then clear to 270. take a fly of 50 westbound as you make europe way through annapolis through bowie and the beltway. no problems. everything is looking good. >> thank you, kris. >> in a quest to keep their kids healthy more are reaching
5:50 am
for vitamin supplements these days but you may not need to. >> reporter: for natasha row mace, meal time with her daughter can be a food fight. >> she doesn't like her vegetables too much. she doesn't really eat any type of red meat. >> reporter: to ensure she gets her abcs she gives her a multivitamin and is considering cod oil liver, as well. >> sales grew 25%. >> reporter: some of the hot sellers are omegathrees and vitamin ds. >> a lot of americans view a multivitamin or or vitamin d or omega-3 supplement as a good insurance policy but american academy of pediatrics says it is a policy americans don't need. they say they are only necessary when a child isn't eating a well-balanced diet and even then -- >> vitamins by definitions are only needed in small amounts. even the pickiest of eaters
5:51 am
probably have enough of all the vitamins they need. >> reporter: the council for responsible nutrition a trade association for supplement makers points to government data that shows many children may not get what they need in areas. >> data shows that kids fall short on calcium, magnesium and vitamin d. >> reporter: he says children who are breast-fed along with african-american and hispanic children send to be at risk for deficiency. >> as for omega-3 supplements. >> i'm not aware of any benefit specifically. >> reporter: she decided to shell the cod liver oil but is sticking with the multivitamin. >> in my case that she is getting everything she needs. >> parents, consider vitamins in the same category as medicines because there can be interactions. consult your pediatrician before giving your child any supplements.
5:52 am
the food and drug administration recently issued a warning about the potential risk of overdosing infants with liquid vitamin d. they should get no more than 400 international units of vitamin d a day but some products have droppers that can hold a greater amount. the fda says parents should pay close attention to the dropper markings. for more on the dos and continues of giving your children supplements go go to and click on the living well page. make way for twilight fans storming theaters on the. one local theater lets fans get an early sneak peek. and a look a the movie based on the final book in the harry potter series. it is 5:52. in the examiner, our extremely hot june led to an uptick in violent crime in the dc area. an effort is underway to oust government employees union. and northern virginia
5:53 am
biology teacher is put on leaves after allegedly trying to steal clothes. we'll be i'm a dancer. and until now, my feet showed it.
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[ female announcer ] new gold bond ultimate healing foot cream. 7 penetrating moisturizers and vitamins, 'cause foot skin's 20 times thicker. this stuff really works. taking a look at
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entertainment headlines. arlington virginia native sandra bullock finalized her divorce from jesse james. this from a representative for the oscar winning actress. the two separated days after she won the academy award when reports of james ' cheating surfaced. she later revealed she adopted a baby boy who remains in her custody. here's the glimpse of what is certain to be one of the top movies of the year. >> the boy who lived. come to die. >> reporter: warner brothers has released a trailer for the next harry potter film. harry potter and the deathly hallows based on the 7th and last book in the wildly popular series is so long it will be released in two full-length parts as harry meets baltimore for a face-to-face battle. speaking of movies bound for box office success, a few dc area residents can brag they
5:57 am
have already seen the latest film in the twilight series. hundreds of fans lined up for the advance screening of the twilight saga eclipse. we asked die hards why the vampire series is so compelling. >> it's the meaning 0 the first love and getting through anything no matter how many obstacles that are in your way that keep people coming i think. >> reporter: it opens nationwide with plenty of showings at one minute past midnight. it is the third of four books in the twilight series. with the first weeks of summer being so hot, imagine if you could combine two favorite ways to cool off in to one. a couple of brothers in virginia have done just that ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> you know that sound. >> ice cream. >> it is the sound of happiness. >> reporter: ryan and travis burke. >> how are you guys today? >> reporter: are brothers in
5:58 am
life and partners in sweet success. >> go around -- throw around a bunch of ideas and came up with this and figured it would be fun to try. >> we started when i was 15 and ryan was 12. >> reporter: their dad helped with the initial pushoff in 2007. >> he loaned us money interest free and gave us the boat and until i turned 21 he had to ride around for insurance. we everything $1 or 1.50. >> it is a. >> before lunch they will hit 20 stops but here that's where the sweetness is. >> this is an old sleeping bag. >> that's a drumstick. over here is the juice bar, pushups and under that the crunch bar. >> the sellers -- >> the over owe and m&m cookie would be the biggest. >> megaupon sick isle. kids love that one. it is really messy and melts
5:59 am
everywhere. >> they know not to leave out the dogs. >> here you are. >> ryan is finishing up college and travis works for the family during the year. the boat runs until october or until people died it's too cold for ice cream. one summer, though, do they make a boat load. >> it's not about that. it is for the little kids. whatever is left over we will split 50, 50 but it it pays for itself we are happy. >> pretty satisfying if you ask me. >> you are watching 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. good morning. howard is here with the forecast and we all agree. >> never. >> never too cold for ice cream. what's he talking about? >> i don't know. >> weather wise, been an ice cream month. that's for sure. coming toed and thankfully and the heat wave is about to come to an end. today not as hot and humid as the st


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